Wednesday, 8 July 2015

T5W: Top 5 Things I Have on my Bookshelf Which Aren't Books

Hello and merry Wednesday to all you lovely people! :)

This was started by GingerReadsLainey!

Today's topic is not very bookish: Top 5 Things I Have on my Bookshelf Which Are Not Books. Luckily for me, this was pretty easy, as my bookshelf is very big, and as I am only living in this house for a year, it is not fully taken up by my book collection! :) This is the first peek into my non-book life you'll see, so I hope you're sitting comfortably!

5) Let's start with the least exciting...nice smelling bath things! You know when you get bought really nice sets containing lotions and potions to make you smell fabulous, and they look so good that you don't want to take them out of the box, so you have to display them until you have worked your way through them all? Well yeah, that happened here:

And yes...for the beady-eyed of you, that is my underwear in the bottom of the shot...cheeky ;)

4) Next we have my mug collection. Sadly, I am not a fan of hot drinks, but that doesn't stop me from buying and getting bought mugs that I love! Anyone who has been in a shared house will know that if you want to keep your mugs to yourself, you keep them in your own space, so here we are:
We have my 'Life's short, eat cakes', mug, bought by a best friend from school, my Minion mug from my lovely sister, and my Mickey mug which I bought myself from Disneyland Paris. The last one may take some has the chemical structure for oxytocin on it, which can be called 'hugging hormone', and it is my favourite hormone *geek alert* as it is released whenever you are close to someone you love. I love this hormone, so my lovely boyfriend Charlie bought me this mug. Cringey, I know, but I love it :) 

3) Following on from that theme, I also have a picture of Charlie and I on my bookshelf, along with the card he bought me when we celebrated our 2-year anniversary last month. We got this taken professionally when we were on a cruise in April, and I love it! :) 

2) In at 2 are the only two of my ornaments which made it to my home for the year with me. One is my '21' Me To You bear, as I am a bit obsessed with Me To You. If I have ever bought you a card of any card, there's a high probability that it had this bear on it! Also, my Olaf ornament. I was so happy to receive this from Charlie's Dad, as it proved what I had already suspected, which is that it doesn't take too long of knowing me before it is obvious that I am completely obsessed with Disney!

1) Aaaand finally, at number 1, to further show my obsession (my linking is en-pointe today!), we have my Disney DVD collection. I am fully aware that it isn't complete, and it pains me because I started collecting the ones with the classic number in the little gold oval on the spine, but now they have stopped making those, so I have had to settle for some where it is just in white writing, so now they don't all match on the shelf :( But nevertheless, they are Disney films, they are amazing, and they are perfect for every situation, so I love them lots! Anyone close to me will know that adding to my Disney collection is the best way to my heart! :) *cough* HINT *cough*

That's it for another Top 5 Wednesday, thank you for reading! :) What else has made it onto your bookshelf which isn't a book? Post me a link to your T5W list below!


  1. This are great items Kristi :) I love your mugs! The minions one is super cute.

    1. Haha thank you! My sister has great taste! :)