Sunday, 12 July 2015

M: Intrusion

Good morning everyone, and thank you for coming back! It feels like forever since I have last posted, and as a result, I now have 4 books to review in the next couple of days! :)

First, I am going to talk to you about my 'M': Intrusion, by Ken Macleod.

This was my first taste of SciFi in a while, and I absolutely loved it! The synopsis is simple: a future society where pregnant women are required to take a 'fix' which would prevent genetic diseases in their unborn children. This seems like a good thing, but what if you think you have a beneficial genetic trait which you would like to pass on? Set in a world where everyone is highly monitored, objection is not an what now?

The first thing I loved about this book is that there were a lot of high-level scientific references, and being a science undergraduate, I really enjoyed that! A lot of the references were scientifically sound, and it gave a certain element of credibility to the story, and made it seem all the more real!

There was suspense, surprise, twists and turns...everything you could want! I can't tell you much about the story itself without spoiling the plot! I really struggled to put this book down because I thought the writing was fantastic, and the story had me completely gripped. There was a complex mix of characters who all complemented the story in a thrilling way - an absolute must-read from me!

From this review, does anyone have any other ideas of SciFi I would enjoy? I am really keen to get back into it now! :) 

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