Sunday, 28 June 2015

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I have been tagged by Ben over at Ben's Bookshelf  to do the 'Unpopular Opinions Book Tag'. To me, this seems like an opportunity to rant about some books I didn't like, which makes a change from praising all the books I get really excited about, so bring it on! :) 

A popular book/series I didn't like - 
I read Elizabeth is missing quite recently, having hotly anticipated it, based on all the great reviews I read. To add to this hype, it has been translated into 8 languages, sparked a 9-way bidding war amongst publishers, and won Costa's Debut Novel award. With all this critical acclaim, I was expecting great things...needless to say, I was extremely disappointed! I thought the plot was dull, but had a lot of patience for it, expecting the ending to make it all worth it. However, on reaching the (again, extremely disappointing) end, I was left completely confused - had I been reading the same book that everyone had praised so highly?!

A book/series I love but everyone seems to hate 
The Lorien Legacies, by Pittacus Lore have got to be my favourite series of books EVER! (They even compete with Harry Potter, which is a pretty big ask!) I, and a couple of friends at uni are obsessed with these books, and hotly anticipate the next release every summer. What surprises me, is that this series doesn't seem too widespread (at least, in England). No one seems to give it the hype it deserves! So although they may not be hated, they are not loved either, and that really pains me. I think these books are so fast-paced, and I usually read the new instalment within about 2 days of its release, then hate myself because I then have 350 days to wait for another one! So, if you're sitting there looking for a new SciFi series to try...pick up the Lorien Legacies right now! 

A love triangle where the main character ended up with the wrong person 
I had to think about this for a long while because I always think that the best couple wins in the end. However, You're The One That I Want, by Giovanna Fletcher sprang to mind after a while. I loved this book, because reading it made me feel like I was 14 again! The main character Maddy was living what felt like the story of my life... the romantic boyfriend, or would you be better off with the hilarious and caring best friend? I was SO annoyed by who she ended up with in the end...poor choice Maddy! 

Popular genre I hardly reach for
This has to be Fantasy. I haven't really tried much Fantasy, but to be honest, I have no intention of doing so...although, inspired by my boyfriend, I would love to read The Hobbit! Who knows, if anyone has a great first-time Fantasy recommendation, then please let me know! :) 

A popular character I don't like
I am sure there are girls everywhere who are going to hate me for this...but I don't like Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice...and actually, I don't like Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones either! His romantic, posh demeanour just makes my skin crawl and go 'bleurgh'! I much prefer a man who is a bit rough round the edges... I'd be a Daniel Cleaver girl anyday! 

A popular author I can't seem to get into -
I have to admit, I probably haven't given this author a fair chance...but I cannot seem to get on with Ian McEwan. I know a lot of English Lit students who love his work, but after reading Enduring Love, I wouldn't go jumping at the chance to read another one! He just has one of those writing styles that seems to rub me up the wrong way..sorry Ian!

A popular trope I am tired of seeing 
Can we PLEASE lose the horrible cliche of characters who hate each other at the start of books, but end up falling in love by the end?! I'm not saying I believe in love at first sight, but surely if you are so incensed by someone the first time you meet them, that first impression can't be that wrong?!

A popular series I have no interest in reading 
There are few books that I would completely write off...but I really don't think I can ever face trying the Twilight series, not least because I wouldn't want to be imagining Edward Cullen playing the story out in my head as I read! Even the Fifty Shades series piqued my interest because I want to see what the hype is all about, but Twilight? 

The book is not always as good as the movie 
This is SO difficult for me, because I have spent so much time trying to persuade people around me that the book is always better! There are so many examples of this...The Book Thief, Harry Potter, I Am Number Four, Before I Go To Sleep...the list goes on! 
I am not sure if I am cheating by saying this...but the Disney films? They are based on fairy tales, which can be extremely sinister at times, and don't have the great music that can never fail to make someone happy! So they're loads better than the books :) 
So, there we have it, my unpopular opinions book tag! I hope I haven't made anyone hate me in the course of this post! I tag Jess at Simple Scribbles, I hope you haven't already done it! (That'd make me look silly!)

TTFN...ta ta for now! 

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  1. I completely forgot about Twilight and yet I completely agree. I intend to read Ian McEwan in the near future so I'll find out if I share your view on that.