Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24/6/15 Top 5 Wednesdays

Yay, it is time for my first Top 5 Wednesday (T5W). The topic this week is "Top 5 characters you wish you could drown", which I found to be quite a difficult one to start with! But here goes...

In at number 5 we have Setrakus Ra from the Lorien Legacies, by Pittacus Lore. I am OBSESSED with this series; it is the first series since Harry Potter that has had me hotly awaiting the new release. I was in two minds as to whether Setrakus Ra deserved a place in this list, as he is of course the super evil head of the Mogadorians (the baddies), but without him, would the story be as good? However, I decided that the Garde have enough to deal with by trying to fight all the standard Mogadorians, they could do with having no Setrakus Ra in their life...give them a break!!

Next at number 4 has to be Alex Castle, Audrey's evil uncle from Echo Boy, by Matt Haig. I really did hate uncle Alex, right from the beginning. The story tried to portray him as if he were helping Audrey at first, but I saw right through him, and hated that he had created a device that could just numb mental pain...who has a right to do that?! It seemed dangerous to me, and as it became clear that he had sinister plans, I just wished I could make him disappear. (I can't say much without spoiling!)

Possibly unfairly, but position 3 goes to Yossarian from Catch 22, by Joseph Heller. I may be using Yossarian as a scapegoat here and blaspheming against a 'classic', but I hate Catch 22!  It is the hardest book I have ever tried to finish because I just find it sooo mind-numbingly dull. As Yossarian is the main protagonist, the book would not exist without I wish I could drown him so that Catch 22 didn't exist, so I wouldn't have got stuck trying to read it!

Just missing out on top spot, 2nd place goes to the infamous Christian Grey. I can't even confess to have had many dealings with him, but to me he just seems sooo arrogant and self-absorbed, what right does he have to treat women like crap and blame it on 'inner demons' and it being 'just the way he is'. In fact, this place can be shared by Gideon from the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, but at least he does show a soft side at times!

1st place, without a doubt, is reserved for Cleo from The Ugly Sister, by Jane Fallon. I read this book very recently, and couldn't help but hate Cleo, the sister of the main character. I really tried to like her, she was lovely as a child and got whipped up into the modelling world and turned into a selfish diva. Abi had so much faith in her, and really felt that she could uncover the 'old Cleo', the one who was her sister and best friend, so I had hope too, right until the end of the book when I couldn't believe how bitchy she was!! I was so upset that there was no happy ending for Cleo in the end, that she couldn't turn out to be she earns my top spot as person I would most want to drown!

Okay so that's it! I hope you enjoyed my list, please comment if you have read any of these books and agree/disagree, I'd be very interested to hear! :) 


  1. I really love your list! I definitely agree with you about Catch-22!

    Also, although I've not read any of the 50 Shades of Grey books, I want to drown Christian Grey too, just from snippets I've heard about him and his abuse and manipulation!

  2. Kristi, I just tagged you in the unpopular book opinions tag on my blog! If you're interested, here's the link to my post: